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How to Coordinate the Color of Floor and Furniture?

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How to Coordinate the Color of Floor and Furniture?

The coordination and unity of the color of furniture and floor is an important part of home decoration. In this article, we will talk some experiences about how to match wood floor and furniture before decorating, and hope it is useful for you.


1. The overall decoration style and concept of the family are the primary factors to determine the wood floor color. For example, dark-toned wooden floors are very appealing with distinctive personality characteristics, and light-toned wooden floors are simple, fresh and elegant. In recent years, some seemingly flawed wooden floors such as tree knots, worm-eyes, decayed, cracked texture wood floors have increased in demand, which is the embodiment of people's attention to nature and returning to the original.


2. Pay attention to the matching of floor and furniture. The color of wooden floor should set off the color of the furniture and the main tone should be calm and soft. Because the floor decoration is a permanent decoration, under normal circumstances, it will not be changed frequently, so you had better to choose a more neutral color. In terms of color tone, light-colored furniture can be combined with dark and light-colored floors, but the matching of dark-colored furniture and dark-colored floors must be very careful to avoid the black oppressive scene.


3. The lighting conditions of the living room also limit the choice of floor color. A well-lit room can choose the floor freely. For a room with a lower floor and insufficient daylight, please pay attention to choose floor materials with higher brightness and suitable color, to avoid using darker materials as much as possible.


4. In addition, colors will affect people's visual effects. Warm colors are expansion colors, and cool colors are contraction colors. Therefore, the small area wooden floor in a room should be dark and cool to make people feel that the area is enlarged. If you choose a warm wooden floor with bright colors, it will make the space appear narrower and increase the sense of depression.




Here we reminder that the effect produced by a single floor and the overall paving is not exactly the same, so you should pay attention to laying a few more pieces in the purchase in order to see the effect, and then determine whether to buy or not.


What is more, the color matching of the room should be decided by the main color of the furniture, and the walls, floors, curtains, bedspreads, sofa covers, tablecloths, etc. should be coordinated around the main colors. For example, the wall of light-colored furniture should be matched with light gray, green or milky white. For dark-colored furniture, the wall should be matched with light color rather than gorgeous color in order to set off the furniture and increase the brightness of the room. If the solid wood flooring is darker in color, the walls are white, the color of the coffee table should follow the home flooring colorand the sofa color should cater to the wall’s color. It is important to coordinate the colors of floor and furniture.



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