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How to Maintain Wood Floor to Bring You More Warmth in Winter?

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How to Maintain Wood Floor to Bring You More Warmth in Winter?

Speaking of winter of freezing feet, people can't help thinking of solid wood flooring. Wood is not as hard and cold as stone, especially in the winter, it can also make the seating areas of bedroom and living room warmer. The unique natural texture of wood flooring is the main reason why it is popular on the market. If you lay wood flooring for home, it will warm your feet and bring you more warmth in winter. In this article, we will talk about how to maintain home wood floor and let beautiful wood flooring create a warm home.


After installing wooden floor, you need to keep daily maintenance of wood flooring in order to keep the performance of wood flooring good and warm in winter.


1. When you just lay wood floors in the process of decorating, the glue is not fully cured, load is prohibited, and furniture and other items should be moved in after 48 hours.


2. Vacuum or clean wood floor regularly to prevent the accumulation of sand and other hard objects from scratching the floor surface. You can place a doormat outside the door to avoid bringing sand or frictional dust into the room.


3. When indoor humidity is greater than or equal to 80%, ventilation and dehumidification are recommended. If the outdoor humidity is greater than the indoor humidity, you can close the doors and windows to keep the indoor humidity low. If the outdoor humidity is less than the indoor humidity, open the doors and windows to reduce the indoor humidity. In humid and hot weather, please use the air conditioning dehumidification.


4. When the indoor humidity is less than or equal to 40%, humidification measures should be adopted. For example, when heating or floor heating is used in autumn and winter in northern areas, the indoor temperature increases and the humidity decreases significantly. When the relative humidity of the air is below 30%, the wood floor will appear shrinkage and cracking phenomenon. So in winter, a humidifier is needed to increase the indoor air temperature and keep the indoor air humidity at 50% -70%.


5. In the process of floor heating, usually sudden cold and hot will cause great damage to the wood floor. Experts suggest that the process of opening and closing the geothermal heat should be carried out step by step. The sudden rise and drop of temperature will affect the service life of the wood floor. The first time you use geothermal heating, please let the temperature rise slowly. If the temperature rises too fast, the floor may crack and twist due to expansion. Furthermore, when using geothermal heating, the surface temperature should not exceed 30°C. At this time, the room temperature is below 22°C, and it is the most suitable temperature for the human body, and the life of the floor can be guaranteed as well. Experts also said that when the weather gets warmer, the room is no longer to get heating, it should be noted that the geothermal system should be turned off slowly and cannot drop suddenly, otherwise it will also affect the life of the floor.



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