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The Ideas of Laying Kitchen Flooring

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The Ideas of Laying Kitchen Flooring

Your kitchen is the heart of your home, and it is a haven and a comfort place. Of course, it is also a place to let your soul and stomach get the nourishment and replenishment. When you are hungry, it is the most joyful occasion. Then how to lay the kitchen flooring when decorating? Some people said kitchen cannot be covered with solid wood flooring. Here, we will give you some ideas of laying kitchen flooring.


In fact, most young people seldom cook at home. If you don’t fry dough sticks at home, you are not afraid the fumes, especially those who have already chosen an open kitchen. They don’t care about laying wood floors in kitchen. In foreign countries, it is very common to lay different wooden floors in the kitchen. Since the problem of waterproof and oily fume can be solved, most of foreigners do not oppose to lay beautiful wooden floors in the kitchens. Why most people in China do not want to lay the comfortable wood flooring in the kitchen? What are they worried about?


Large oil fume will corrode the floor.


Chinese kitchens seem to be incapable of avoiding the problem of oil fume in any case. You like to eat stir-fry, and the oil fume at home is so big, if the kitchen is covered with oil fume, how can it be cleaned up? In fact, fume and cleaning are two different things. Even if the kitchen is laid ceramic tiles, soot will fall on the walls, floors and cabinets everywhere, which will also make cleaning troublesome. You just use different floor cleaners to clean different types of floors, which can make your kitchen returning to clean.


The unexpected situation happened in the kitchen


The kitchen is a place where is always full of accidents, such as water splashing when washing dishes, broken water pipes, accidental overturning of soy sauce, and wood expansion and contraction in hot summer or cold winter and so on. But there are still ways to solve the problems, for example, choosing the right sink and faucet, or laying a floor mat on the floor of the sink area. If you design wood flooring for kitchen, these are not problems nowadays.


The benefits of wooden flooring in the kitchen


Any combination of multiple styles


No matter the style of your kitchen is modern style, Nordic or Japanese style, wood floor with good quality can easily convey a warm and delicate feeling. When good wood flooring is used in the kitchen, it will make people more careful and gentle.


Expand the visual space


As long as you pay attention to the joint treatment of the two parts of the kitchen and the living room, the entire floor of the room can easily create a seamless effect. For small apartments, beautiful wood flooring can make the space very smooth visually and can play an enlarged role instead of the kitchen and living room being divided into two parts by tiles and floors. And the whole room looks more beautiful.



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