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Tips to Keep Wood Floors Warm in Winter

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Tips to Keep Wood Floors Warm in Winter

The temperature in winter is dry and the wind is bitterly cold. At this time, some owners found that the floors in their homes are prone to cracking and appear other phenomena. How to keep wood floor warm in winter? When winter is coming, many owners are facing the maintenance of wood floors. Due to the dry weather in winter, owners should appropriately increase the indoor air humidity to enjoy the warmth in order to prevent floor cracks. How to do? Today, we will tell you some tips about wood flooring maintenance, and hope it can help you.


Wooden flooring creates a warm home


Laminate wood floor: Generally speaking, it is relatively dry in winter, but it is easier to maintain. First of all, keep the moisture content in the laminate floor, which just like to protect human skin. You can often wipe it with a wet mop to increase the surface humidity. If the laminate floor is cracked, it is recommended to ask a professional to perform a partial "surgery" to fill it up. Cheap laminate flooring is not as luxurious as solid wood flooring, but it is popular because of its high quality and low price, the point is that it is easy to maintain.


Waxing solid wood floor once in winter: solid wood flooring has won the favor of many consumers with its natural texture and high durability. However, geothermal heating users who have used solid wood flooring may find that after a winter and summer, the floor has cracks. Experts said that waxing is the simple way to solve this problem, so users should wax the floor to maintain in winter. Usually natural solid wood floors often retain a certain amount of moisture. In the case of geothermal heating in winter, the floor will lose water and shrink, and the gap between the floors will increase. At this time, applying solid wax to the floor will reduce the extent of expansion from the seam.


Keep room humidity: The climate is relatively dry in winter, so the owners should shorten the window opening time as much as possible, and increase the humidity in the room appropriately. Always keeping 50%-60% humidity of room is good for the people and wood floors. It is not only good for people to live, but also is very helpful for the maintenance of beautiful wood floor.


In winter, many owners may think that let the outside air in, and the temperature in the room will drop, and the phenomenon of wood floor cracks will naturally weaken. In this regard, experts said that the real reason for the cracks of various wood floors is humidity, and not temperature. In addition, the higher the temperature in the air is, the more water in the saturated state is, which means that the humidity inside the house in winter is higher than that outside. At this time, changing the cold air outside will only make the room drier. So, it is very effective to equip with an air humidifier. Experts also said that the humidity in the room should be controlled within 50%-60%.


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